Ife modakeke crisis

These are means of communicating to large, scatter and heterogeneous audience used in wagging war against terrorism in Nigeria. This result suggest that for sustainable peace to be attained there is the need to pursue policies that encourages social integration, as well as policies that discourages strong ethnic attachment and the spread of ethnically related organizations in the two communities.

And the reasons are many. Van Den Berghe P. And there are possibilities that the community might have successfully pulled a masterstroke on both the state and federal governments ostensibly to achieve one aim: It has a documentary value of the local achievements and challenges faced by the people.

What is the attitude of people towards violence, conflicts and use of weapons during Ife-Modakeke? The Ifes, either rightly or wrongly or perhaps antecedental arrogance, still see the Modakekes as a tenant, who no matter how successful it might be must not be allowed to rise above certain level.

However, Despite the limitations, the result of the research will be generalized. Drawing a reference, the WARDC director stated that women "have also been able to show just like the Aba riot in and the Ugborodo women, that women are not passive victims of violence but they can also lead movements to prevent not just violence against them in conflict situations but to prevent conflicts as well".

The Ifes and the Modakekes might be locked in a brutal fratricidal war, but in the political equation of the present Osun State, the two communities belong to the same camp: The Modakekes do not seem to believe that they are still tenants.

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Community conflicts in Nigeria: Conflict resolution in Nigeria is multifaceted in that it refers to a process aimed at resolving ethnic conflicts through constructive means.

What we are doing is constitutional and anybody that has contrary view should go to court and seek legal redress.

How effective are mass media in the coverage of Ife-Modakeke communal crisis? But his fears surely will come when the tanks roll in again to challenge an outright illegality.

Some students residing in Mayfair Junction of Ife, just a few kilometers after the university gate had some squabbles with vigilante group and that was all. To know some of the challenge rendering mass media weak in coverage of Ife-Modakeke communal crisis 4.

Nigeria: Ife/Modakeke Crises . . . When Will Help Come?

We have all watched in distress and anguish as our people in the two communities of Ife and Modakeke unleashed mayhem on each other. Objectives of the Study This study seeks to achieve the following objectives: Hear the new 'chairman', Awopetu: Secondary sources were also sourced to enrich this research work.

To examine the negative effect of Ife- Modakeke crisis on the both side? As Yorubas, their ancestry is traced to Oduduwa the progenitor of Yoruba race. And the reasons are many.

Nigeria: Ife, Modakeke Crisis: the Modakekes Raise the Stakes

Academically, the study will form an extension of knowledge to the academic study for future researchers.

The Modakekes do not seem to believe that they are still tenants.

Nigeria: Ife, Modakeke Crisis: the Modakekes Raise the Stakes

They also tasked government to take measures to reduce risks to women from identified environmental hazards and address the lack of women's equal access to housing, safe water, and sustainable and affordable energy technologies. Late last month, youths in the community, apparently miffed by the reluctance of the government to implement the report of the panel, threatened to set up an internal government for the town.

In the words of A. An Insider View J. Cited in Albert, I. If it can, there seems to be an unwritten rule that so far the solution is not likely to be in favour of the Modakekes, then it could not be applied.

THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN CRISIS RESOLUTION (A case study of Ife- Modakeke Crisis)

The Modakeke people are generally considered strangers, tenants, and migrants in Ife. They have to do with age-long animosity which has been politically watered to satisfy selfish ends.

In regard to the above method, this research depends largely on primary sources especially oral tradition, chants, war songs, official documents from the Osun State Government and from the Federal Republic of Nigeriapictures, and many more.3.

Historical Overview of Ife-Modakeke Crisis A critical study of the history of the Ife-Modakeke crisis has revealed that the bloody clash has occurred several times in different period. The causes of this crisis are many and varied in terms of cultural identity, economic and politics. The hostility has.

Modakeke, which has been embroidered in an age-long fratricidal war with Ife, added a new dimension to the crisis when the town decided to implement the recommendations of the peace panel set up. Lagos — In a new twist to the seemingly unending Ife/Modakeke crisis, the Modakekes, having waited in vain for the implementaion of the recommendations of the Bode George led peace panel, decided to create their own local government.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Causes Of Ife And Modakeke Crisis. Modakeke in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to three hundred thousand dominicgaudious.net Modakekes are also known as the "Akoraye" and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers.

Modakeke, the Oyo sub group of the Yoruba, mainly inhabits Ife East Area Office, Modakeke-Ife with influx of large number of people from various ethnic groups across the country, e.g.

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The Igbos from Eastern Nigeria, Hausa from the North and Igbiras from Kogi State form the bulk of the Labour supply for farm work to the local farmers.

Ife modakeke crisis
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